Counselling Assessment and Fees


This lasts for one hour and the fee is £20.00. This is a ‘no-commitment’ opportunity for us to meet each other. I will clarify my approach and answer any queries you may have about Counselling. I may ask you questions that arise. You have the opportunity to say what has brought you to counselling at this time and what you wish to address. We can then decide if Counselling is the right thing for you at the moment and if we both feel we can work together.

Your counselling sessions are on the same day or evening each week and last 50 minutes.  Within this structure, the length of the counselling is open-ended; it is up to you when you wish to finish counselling.

As it progresses periodic reviews allow an assessment of client and counsellor feelings towards the therapy as it progresses. It is hoped that a mutual agreement can be made regarding ending. If an ending is on your mind, please let us take the time to talk this over together and consider whether to go on with counselling or draw to a close over as number of (weekly) sessions and make a good ending together.

Session Fees

Individual Counselling sessions are £35.00 (January 2014). Sessions are payable (by cash/cheque) every time we meet. (Concession may be discussed on an individual basis.)

I don’t charge for times when you are on holiday.

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