My Approach to Counselling

Counselling is sometimes misleadingly identified as being, ‘the giving of advice.’ It is a talking therapy. The type of counselling that I offer is not directive nor a ‘quick fix’. Essentially I am led by the client using person-centred techniques. The counsellor and the client work together in an exploratory way to discover your needs and to help you resolve or manage what has previously seemed insurmountable. As client you are free to talk and the key part of my role as counsellor is to listen. 

Therapists look beyond presenting problems to possible underlying causes. There are many different models of Counselling to choose from. I believe there is more than one model to suit every person, therefore I integrate various approaches according to my understanding of and relationship with each individual. My Integrative training means I may, for example, help the client from reflection and action using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to focus on the Here and Now. Goal-restructuring whilst addressing beliefs might also be part of my counselling practice. This may involve imagery, fantasy and focussing on thought and belief. I may suggest relaxation techniques, breathing awareness etc. As an Integrative counsellor I aim to respond to each individual in a way which seems fitting.

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As individuals we need a sound framework and conditions of acceptance in which to find  equilibrium in order to grow and flourish. An essential part of this process is the provision of an atmosphere of calmness, time and freedom. The counselling process empowers as it lets you stop and reflect on your needs, thoughts and feelings in a cooperative atmosphere - rather than as a passive recipient. As a trained professional, I provide a consistently safe, quiet sanctuary where you can be listened to from an unbiased perspective. This allows you the chance to recover/discover, in confidence, and in a natural, unpressured way, how you are and how you may like to be. Within an atmosphere of non-judgemental respect for you those qualities for you towards yourself can also grow.

Within this framework I hope for a positive partnership of warmth and trust to grow between my client and myself and to facilitate the opportunity to step outside the usual social roles in order that honest communication is given greater freedom.

You, as client, initiate the contents of the session, which may refer to past, present or future events, experiences, thoughts, feelings, dreams etc. Having your story heard and reflected will help you explore, express, process and begin to come to terms with associated difficult emotions and find meaning and some resolution. Awareness of habitual unhelpful thought processes can be addressed as you become more able to counsel and comfort yourself.

If you decide on Counselling you are taking a brave and positive step. You are demonstrating faith in yourself by committing to the process which may challenge old ideas and ways of thinking and being that are no longer in your interests. Willingness to be honest brings rewards of becoming a more authentic, calmly confident and freer person as a result, enjoying an enhanced and positive awareness, the off-shoots of which reflect in your relationships and new ways of being happier Now. It is always a new and dynamic process. It may be the beginning of an ‘easier’ way of being yourself - where you are at ease within yourself.