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As a registered, qualified and experienced counsellor I provide a safe, warm and confidential environment in which we can work together and address your difficulties.

Are you experiencing sadness, anxiety or depression following a bereavement or breakdown in a relationship perhaps? Or feeling a lack of confidence and self esteem? Do you feel you can't go on like this? Counselling offers you the chance to stop everything and focus on yourself and your needs. To reconsider how you have been dealing with your life and find more effective and happier ways of being yourself.

Whatever has triggered your decision to consider counselling at this time, my aim is to provide you with a calm environment you may not have access to in your daily life - the time and space you need to stop, look and feel, whilst providing uncritical support. Together we can face unhelpful beliefs and fears and find out what you really need to feel better and move on with your life.

It is an opportunity to express your feelings, be listened and heard uncritically, and supported in making positive changes. At the same time helping you heal from hurtful experiences you may have had in the past.

My training is Integrative and I draw on the therapeutic approach which corresponds to each individual as counselling progresses. My approach is one of non-judgemental respect, offering you unconditional acceptance of your own ‘response-ability’ - you choose when and whether you wish to change.

So in your own time we can explore your past experiences to help you gain insight, perspective and begin the process of letting go of undermining habits or unhelpful patterns of thinking as you achieve effective, mindful 'ways of being' and living more happily in the present. We can also look at gentle strategies to employ as part of a more constructive approach in your relationships. Or you might want to use some sessions to plan for your future.

The Counsellor - Client relationship itself plays a key part in this healing, empowering process, building or boosting your hope, courage and self-esteem. In turn this can lead to improved relationships, a better understanding of yourself and others enabling you to participate more fully in life and consider a new directions. Ultimately you will have the opportunity to discover, develop and actively express your greater, more authentic self.

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Client Testimonials:

“Counselling has been fantastic” N.F. Worthing

“I’ve learned so much about myself.” R.B. Worthing

“Thank you for your support these past few months. I’m pleased to report success in my ventures that I wouldn’t have considered possible before.” B.M. Worthing

“The main thing that I have got from counselling is having the support of someone there just for me.” A. C Chichester

“Thank you so much for listening!” S.B Worthing

Julia Ziewe, B.A. (Hons) Advanced Diploma In Counselling and Therapy, MBACP

Standard Rate:


  1.     Counselling Students
          in Training £ 40.00

  2.     Low income £40.00